About Me:  I started fishing when I was about 5 years old.  As a young boy, I mostly fished small lakes and ponds.  When I was around 20, I fished my first Bass Fishing Tournament at Hillsdale Lake.  From that time on I was hooked.  A couple years later I joined a bass club in Olathe, KS and fished for 2 years.  In 1996, I helped start a bass club in Ottawa, KS.  I have fished the Wednesday Nite Bass Anglers Tournament Series since 1995.  In 2005, I began running the WNBA Tournament and have expanded it to a weekend series also.  My newest adventure is to also provide a fishing guide service that includes crappie, walleye, and bass fishing at Hillsdale Lake as well as a few other lakes in North East, KS.
Don Cunningham Fishing